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Our Story

What makes European foods so memorable? Is it the quality, is it the history, is it the ingredients? These are the answers Thierry Scherer and Guy Roose, Founders of Providorium, have long been searching for.

Speciality food importers for many decades, Thierry and Guy been travelling regularly from Australia to Europe since the 1990s, forging ever-closer ties with some of the Continent’s most celebrated brands and producers – gaining a deep understanding, and even deeper appreciation, for their philosophies, techniques and uncompromising commitment to quality.

These rich experiences ultimately inspired Thierry and Guy to establish Providorium – a world-class showcase of Europe’s finest chocolates, fudge & nougats, biscuits & shortbread and gourmet delicacies for Australians to enjoy, gift and share. Bon Appétit.

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