Sep 28, 2021

Niederegger Traditional German Marzipan

Marzipan—you either love it or hate it. There is no hiding from the fact that marzipan, or almond paste, has had a checkered history in traditional Anglo-Saxon markets. Australians relate to marzipan as the “white icing” found on the traditional fruit wedding cake. Thick crusts of white icing with some almond essence thrown in for good measure. Well, not with Niederegger marzipan. And in our minds at Providorium HQ, Niederegger rates as the world’s best marzipan. Typically enrobed in dark bittersweet chocolate, the sweetness of the marzipan is offset by the dark bitter chocolate. The origins of marzipan in Europe date well back with the towns of Lubeck and Tallinn being at the forefront. Lubeck is located in the northeast of Germany on the Baltic Sea where marzipan first originated. Now Lubeck holds the tradition of producing some of the finest high-quality marzipan in the world. Made to traditional recipes (Rohmasse), the blend consists of 2/3rds almonds in weight. The secret of Niederegger marzipan lies in the recipe for the right mix of almonds, sugar and a secret ingredient comparable to rose water, which has been passed on and is strictly monitored. Niederegger still produces marzipan daily in open copper roasting cauldrons, and the process is carefully supervised by the master confectioner.

Today, Niederegger is available in traditional loaves and a multitude of varieties including espresso, pistachio, orange and other flavours. Niederegger develops new high-quality packaging regularly for its product range, with new vibrant seasonal products and packaging always available. Niederegger also produces some of the finest chocolates through their “nougat” range, which when translated means pralines. A recipe based on roasted hazelnut paste-based chocolate. These are a must-try, and our Master Selection boxes available in two sizes also comprises a great mix of chocolate, marzipan and truffles. If you are ever in Lubeck, you must stop by the Niederegger café and enjoy a slice of the marzipan cake with a rich freshly brewed coffee.

Providorium, the Kings of Chocolate, are proud to serve you the king of marzipan: Niederegger. Enjoy.