Aug 20, 2021

A lifetime of sourcing quality foods from Europe. brings Europe’s finest foods to Australia.

What makes European food so memorable? Is it the quality, is it the history, is it the ingredients? These are the answers that Thierry Scherer and Guy Roose, Directors of Providorium have been searching for. With a passion for Europe’s finest foods, Providorium now provides you an opportunity to indulge in these specialties right here in Australia. Sourcing Europe’s finest chocolates, fudge & nougats, biscuits & shortbread as well as gourmet delicacies is all part of our vision at Providorium.

Thierry and Guy have travelled all over Europe for decades meeting many suppliers and manufacturers in their quest to bring Europe’s finest produce to Australia. “We currently source products from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK,” says Thierry Scherer, Director of Providorium. “Understanding our suppliers and their philosophy has helped us with creating Providorium – a world-class showcase of Europe’s finest products.”

“Europe has long been the benchmark of quality. We find consistency and creativity are the main differences with products made in Australia,” Thierry continues. “Some of our suppliers are family businesses with recipes handed down from generation to generation. Many of our products are manufactured to traditional methods and are often made in small batches to bring out the flavours and textures. Add exceptional packaging such as on our confectionery range from Butlers, or the Tea caddie in our New English Tea range, and you have truly world-class products.”

“Providorium certainly isn’t here to compete with the mainstream retailers,” explains Co-Founder Guy Roose who, whilst born in Belgium, has lived in Australia for over 30 years. “There are many places to buy everyday chocolates, teas and biscuits. But if you want something truly special and a little more indulgent – be it for a friend, family member or even just yourself – all beautifully packaged and presented, well, Providorium elevates that purchase, that moment, to a new level.”

The Providorium range is grouped into 12 irresistible collections to make shopping fun, easy and delicious! You’ll find our Boxed Chocolate range comprises products from Butlers in Ireland, Beeches in the UK, with a dedicated Seasonal Offer to complement those special occasions throughout the year. Check out our Novelty range, featuring a selection from Weibler chocolates in Germany who specialise in quirky, fun and enjoyable chocolates. We’re very proud to feature Niedereger marzipan from Lubeck in Germany, where the world’s finest marzipan originates. We also have a ‘Gifting’ collection where you’ll find ready-to-send gift ideas, from chocolate and fudge to biscuits and tea.

“Browse the website and you’ll find something for every taste and every occasion,” says Thierry. “Some of the brands I’m sure people will recognise. Many others are far less known, but certainly not lesser quality – which, of course, is the whole point of purchasing from us.”

Enjoy the European quality and the Fine Foods from Europe when shopping at Providorium.

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