Sep 28, 2021

Giving Chocolate Makes a Great Gift idea

Chocolate as a gift, why not? Great tasting chocolate makes a great gift and Providorium, the Kings of Chocolate, has a selection that will please everyone. Providorium chocolates are the perfect gift for all occasions, including birthday celebrations, a simple but memorable thank you or simply for entertaining. The Kings of Chocolate offer a wide selection to please the most discerning and demanding members of the family. From our simple origin chocolates to Willie’s Cacao, a bean-to-bar manufacturer based in the lovely county of Devon in the United Kingdom that produces cocoa origin classics such as our celebrated San Agustin 88% cocoa bar. This 100% natural and deliciously low-sugar chocolate is made with 100% Trinatario cocoa beans from the San Agustin region located in the foothills of the Colombian Massif.


Providorium has a huge range of beautifully boxed chocolates from Butlers in Ireland. Butlers chocolates—a dedicated Irish company proud of its chocolate-making heritage in Dublin—began life in 1932, and nearing 90 years of age certainly do know a thing or two about making chocolate. The Butlers range includes café style chocolate selection based on their 24 Butlers branded cafes around beautiful Ireland as well as the iconic Platinum Box range of super premium delectable chocolates. See our blog presentation on the unveiling of the Platinum Collection gift box.

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Providorium’s chocolate novelty range features our product hero from Weibler in Germany. The classic Game Controller has been a favourite in Australia for many years. Having a modest packaging improvement in recent times, this quality product is a great gift idea all year round and makes a great stocking filler for Christmas at a valued price of under $15.00.


Anyone for Swiss chocolate? Well, you can’t pass up good quality Swiss chocolate from Villars in Switzerland. Villars produce some of Switzerland’s finest milk chocolate and Providorium, the Kings of Chocolate, are proud to feature a number of gift tins that include Swiss mini chocolates suitable for everyone. These collector tins feature Swiss artists with scenes from last century. One of Villars’s specialty chocolate bars is their unique Milk origin chocolate bar—not cocoa origin, but milk origin with milk originating from various parts of Switzerland. The subtle difference in milk origin from one region to another provides flavour differences that need to be tried. Currently there are three varieties available in the range with milk origins from Fribourg, Bern and Vaud.


Providorium, bringing fine foods and chocolate to Australia, is proud to feature Niederegger marzipan. Niederegger is truly the world’s greatest and most enjoyable marzipan producer, right in the heart of northern Germany in the township of Lubeck. Providorium stocks all types of marzipan from self-indulgent chocolate bars in traditional dark chocolate to milk enrobed and varieties including ginger and orange. Our classic boxes are the most popular and can be purchased for gift giving or for simple personal enjoyment. The traditionalist will only enjoy the classic loaf bars. Comprising premium marzipan using the finest almonds, enrobed in bittersweet dark chocolate. To serve, slice into small sections and enjoy. Check out our marzipan review for all details in relation to Niederegger.


In our last brand to review, we check out our range of Zaini Italian chocolates. Zaini produces traditional Italian chocolates such as Gianduiotti and Boule D’or. Gianduia was invented in Turin by Caffarel in 1852 and was developed due to a shortage of chocolate. By adding up to 30% of hazelnut paste to the chocolate, your chocolate was extended, and a rich smooth chocolate was developed. Hazelnuts are abundant in the Piedmont region of Italy where this delicious chocolate originates. Zaini also produces a classic cherry liqueur chocolate—selected whole cherries are covered in smooth dark chocolate. These are available in classic 210gm bags and at special times of the year in various gift boxes.

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